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Unblock Your Money Sh!t

Unblock Your Money Sh!t

Hosted by: Heather Doran

Unblock Your Money Sh!t the podcast is dedicated to talking about money block and money mindset each week. Your host, Heather Doran, is an accountant, money mindset coach, certified in the Akashic Records, and...

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#15 Midlife and Finding Happiness with Coach Stacie B

Today I am interviewing Coach Stacie B, a mindset and transformation coach for middle aged women. A personal development junkie and that has had an intuitive gift her whole life.  4:27 Stacie shares once she applied...
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#14 Allowing Joy to Lead Your Wealth & Happiness with Tammi Lipp

Tammi Lipp, Energy Coach and healer, helping creatives and mystics embrace their inner magic by turning their struggles into gifts to see their inner super powers. She takes us on her journey to how she viewed money,...
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#13 Healing Blocks By Choosing A New Perspective With Diana Greshtchuk

Guest Diana Greshtchuk, CPA and NEW Certified Master Mind Magic (R) Practitioner, shares with us how she has been able to heal her blocks and limiting stories by choosing a new perspective (as she calls it, choosing a...
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Holistic Health, Beauty & Mind with Jacquelyn Rodriquez

Episode #11

Guest, Jacquelyn Rodriquez is an Intuitive Master Neuro-Coach for hairstylist and salon owner. We have a very candid conversation about health, your money, the earth, and how this is effecting your life, business and...
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Reclaim the Rebel for Better Health, Happiness & More Money with Lizzy

Episode #12

Today's guest, Lizzy Cangro, is a nutritionist, and now best selling author, helping individuals loose weight, have the body they desire, and gain back their health by breaking all the diet rules.  In her new book,...
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Mindfulness & Money With Sarah Harmon

Episode #10

In this episode I interview Sarah Harmon, therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher and mom! We talk about so many things. Most importantly how to be a more mindful mom to yourself. When you are able to be kind and...
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Worthy Human Live Experience, Become HER & Be Wealthy

Episode #9

This weekend was massive! I attended Worth Human Live Event with Tracy Litt. I can't say enough about the experience and all the amazing takeaways!  Listen to the massive transformation and insight I gained this...
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Your Way To Working 3-Days Per Week With Mariana Ruiz

Episode #8

Today's guest, Mariana Ruiz, has been coaching business owners for 7 years! Wow! She talks to us all about her journey to growing a multi 6-figure coaching business and creating a 3-day work week. Mariana gives us...
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Want To Be Wealthy: Stop And Smell The F*ckin Roses

Episode #7

I was going to call this episode some super cliché term, like "celebrate your wins". But that did not capture the message I NEED you ladies to hear today!  In this episode, I give you FOUR (4) golden tips on how to...
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Using Hypnosis Game Changer to Clear Money Blocks w/ Sara Drury

Episode #6

My biz bestie and special friend, Sara Drury, shares with us how hypnosis is the game changer for upgrading your limiting beliefs for your money and business. In fact, I have share my own stories about how working...
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Stuck in Corporate To A Manifesting Machine with Rachal Chamley

Episode #5

We all want to understand how manifesting work, right? Well today my guest, Rachal Chamley, tells us about her story of being broke and how her limiting beliefs about money kept her stuck in an unhappy corporate...
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New Moon Energy Reading December 2020: Abundance Is All Around You

Episode #4

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Today I share with you about the new moon and what this means to me. I talk about the new moon ritual I did this month and what cards I drew for this new cycle. Tune in to hear what all...
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