Akashic Records Reading 


Access your Akashic Records


Gain clarity for your money and business.

What is the Akashic Record?

It is a theatrical place that holds your soul's knowledge. By accessing the records, you can gain knowledge of your soul's past, present, and future events.

Since we are made of energy, and time is happening all around us, all events are happening Here, Now. 

When accessing your Akashic Records, you gain insights to your deepest questions - all while being in the energy of a vast library of your soul.

Have you ever wondered if your future self came back through time and sent you little messages? Or do you ever experience deja vu, and swear you have already experienced a current event? Some may argue this is you experiencing an event that you were already able to see at a different period in time. 

This is what makes your records so special. They hold all the information your soul has lived through, what it craves now, and what it needs to have the future it has already experienced. 


Can any one access my Akashic Record?

Because of the deep privacy of the record, you are the only one that can freely access your records. However, you can grant someone permission to access your records. 

As a practitioner of the Akashic Records, I can only access the records when given permission. 

What makes Akashic Records readings so different with me? 

There are many amazing practitioners that can gain information to help you along your business journey.

I specifically use the records to help you gain clarity around your money and business. 

Many times in business we feel stuck and do not know what next direction to take. 

I will access your Akashic Records to see what information you need to know about your money and steps you can take to support the next phase of your business.

What does a session with you look like?

All reading are done over zoom.

I start every session getting to know where you are feeling the most stuck in your business. 

We develop empower questions to ask the Akashic Records that will support clarity around the next phase of your business.

I guide us through a mediation style visitation. I help you clear your energy and lean into your heart center to gain the highest and bust information for you.

I will communicate to you all things I am seeing and experiencing. Together we will gain information from your money and anything your business needs you to know. 

All information is channeled from source (Universe). The information is not coming from me. Rather your the energy of your Akashic Records. 

We will ask the records of any healing that is coming up, next steps to lean into, and clear any contracts or cords of attachment that need to be released.

Each session is vastly different. The energy of your soul's records is yours alone. I am simply a channel to help you access this information and then interpret its guidance. 

We end each session with a grounding exercise and a list of next steps you will take to move your mindset and business forward.

Who is an Akashic Records reading best for?

If you are feeling stuck and need more clarity for your money and business, an Akashic Records reading is an amazing way to get more information. 

If you are open to access the metaphysical plain of your soul's book, then we will be able to access your Akashic Records.


Hi! I am Heather...

Accountant, money-mind coach, and money healer! 

I started this business journey helping women take care of the money in their business.

Each time I would support a business owner, I did it different each time - leaning into their specific needs, money anxiety, and fears.

I was fascinated that daily tasks of checking their bank balance and recording charges created so much angst. I leaned into supporting the reasons why money was so hard for them. 

Without even knowing it, I was helping them uncover deep rooted beliefs around money and helping them access their intuition when making business decisions. 

As I helped one and another and another a theme started to populate.... women didn't just need help with the physical side of their money, but the metaphysical side, as well.

Last year, I received my certification in the Akashic Records. I use them exclusively to access a business owners money. I use the energy of the records to identify limiting belief, unconscious stories and programing that is keeping them stuck year and year. In just one session, I have helped to uncover and clear some very deep rooted unconscious stories around money. This has helped to take new action that supports their next steps of the business journey,

I use the energy of the records to help you heal your relationship with money so you can finally start to have a business you love! And a life of your dreams!


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