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After years of hustling my face off, being scared of money, and living anything but my dream life, I decided to double down on the vision for my future and understand what beliefs about money were keeping me stuck. As a result, I am living a dream life, where I feel like very day is a vacation.

Now I help others just like you, get unstuck, love money, and create a deep belief in their abilities to create their dream life.

About Heather

What's makes you an expert? 

I don’t know if I would say I am an expert in this topic. However, I would say I know a hell of a lot about giving myself permission, grace and ease to allow what I really want to manifest into my life. Over the last several years I have been in the process of leaving my corporate job as an accountant to start my own business. I craved freedom - time freedom, space freedom, and creative freedom. Let me tell you, it has been a struggle - for real!


In April of 2020 (yes the exact time the pandemic really ramped up), I doubled down on what I really wanted for my life and business. After hustling my face off the rest of the year, I knew something major needed to change when December came around.


I finally stopped just learning and kinda doing that inner work. I actually did the inner and outer work that I needed to finally change my life and unhappy work, life and career situation.


A huge part of this process was the vision work and allowing myself to get super clear on what the hell I wanted my left to look like one year from now. 


And here we are - ONE year later. The shit I put on my vision last year are even freaking better than I could have imagined.


I have finally quit 99% of the things that do not light me up - yes, this included quitting/firing clients that were not in alignment with the vision and just plan fucking assholes! Let’s be real, how much shit do you need to quit before you allow yourself to start living your vision?


I allowed my future-self/ higher-self to take the lead. Which meant saying, “yes” to a bunch of shit that scared the shit out of me! Welcome inner work! 


In August 2021, my husband and I sold our house, bought a larger travel trailing (5th wheel this time) and set off on traveling adventures. 


Here we are… November 2021 (at the time of this writing). I am literally living my dream life. I take more time off then I ever thought was possible. I work with amazing clients, and I get to travel the country. Life is pretty fracking good.


I am just an average girl like you. I went to college, had a kid, got married, started a career, and did all the things “you’re supposed to do” to make life happy and charming - except not.


I finally gave myself permission to ask for what I wanted. It started with the vision.

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