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Give yourself permission to see what is possible, clear blocks and align to your highest inner wisdom.

Create the life and business of your dreams

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Business +  Money Mindset Coaching

High touch support to get your business and finances into alignment with the dream you have for your life and business. 

In this 3-month container you will get crystal clear on your the vision for your life and business. We will work together to clear away the money blocks that are keeping your stuck and get you into the highest vibration alignment for your dreams to unfold.

In Person VIP Day

Spend the day in nature, get in tune with your deepest desires, and create an aligned action plan for your highest inner dreams. Magic from the elements will be used, reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, and accessing your Akashic records. Includes one month of voxer access, so you can get continued support and accountability.

Corporate to 6-Figure CEO Mentorship

In this 4-month coaching and teaching container you will learn the exact steps to get into alignment with your dreams of ditching the corporate space for good. In this program you will learn exactly how to get in touch with your higher-self (HER - your future-self), how to design a life you love again, and how to build your dream business that supports you purpose. The proven Mind Magic (R) Methodology (The Litt Factor) will be used to guide this program.


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Unblock Your Money Sh!t the podcast is dedicated to talking about money block and money mindset each week.



What's up friends?! I am so excited you have been guided to this part of the inter-webs!

I am Heather, a coach, mentor, podcast host, certified NLP practitioner, among many other things. 

I started a business over 6 years ago. After many, many twists and turns and feeling majorly stuck, I am FINALLY living what I feel like is "the dream". I am on a mission to help others that wish to get unstuck and finally live a life that lights them up. Want to more about this crazy journey and how I can help you... check the the button. I leave no secrets out about how I got here.

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